An improvisation show is a great way to lighten up your team event.

Impronet offers a wide variety of shows. Each show can be tailor made to suit your event. From shows where you can sit back and relax, to shows where there is a lot of interaction and the line between actors and viewers begins to blur. A few examples.


Fun Show

In this show we focus on the fun elements of your company, your employers and live in general.



Substantive Show

In this show we focus on what is happening in the company. We will play scenes from real situation, make people participate, show departments what people think of them, and much more. We will open up a debate after scenes, to go in depth of what is happening in the company.



Workshop show

A combination of a workshop and a show. First we will teach you the basic elements of improvisation, and then we will make you show them in a show. Sounds fun? it is!

workshop show

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